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Hi XYZ, Enclosed is compliment email from Insured addressed to both the Assessor from MLAA and myself. Frankly it is refreshing to see our Service Providers MLAA acknowledged as they are an integral component of our claim service delivery. 

Thank you MLAA for your attention and professionalism. It is a good outcome for an unfortunate incident and shows xyz are a good company to do business with.

Side Note. The Investigator from xyz said MLAA is the best thing that has happened to xyz. He said it has made their jobs so much easier having a company who knows what they are doing

Thank you MLAA for your attention and professionalism. It is a good outcome for an unfortunate incident and shows xyz are a good company to do business with.

Thank you for your help today. You were very quick to reply and efficient in your work. That was most pleasing in our claim.

I just wanted to flick you a quick note to acknowledge the professionalism and speed at which xxx processed our claim, in my personal and professional opinion it is an example of outstanding service and should the Insurance industry have more people like these two working within the bad rap you undeservedly get will soon disappear!!

Good morning MLAA. Attached please find discharge document, with details our our bank account for the payment of claim. Thank you for your courteous service throughout the repair process.

Hi MLAA, Thank you for your professional and prompt service.

Thank you for your advices on the outcome of our claim. Your assistance has been greatly appreciated.

Thank you for the update. I really appreciate how you have kept me in the loop on how things are progressing. It helps make a not so pleasant situation a bit more manageable. Thanks

Just wanted to thank you and your team, on such a professional service that was both timely and on point! You`ve made a long painful process very streamlined, and for that I thank you guys.

Thanks heaps MLAA, I have felt all the way through this process that you have been a fantastic advocate for us with the insurer. I appreciate your support and open communication through this difficult process. Let`s hope this time we get the right outcome.

G`day MLAA. Thank You for being so attentive and professional with this claim. I am a builder who carries out insurance repairs for 90% of my works. The service you have provided is as good, or better, than the best of the companies I deal with on a day to day basis. Thank You very much, and please forward my referral to your employers.

Customer service is paramount and its clear to see that you and your staff are representing (INSURER) with 5 star service! Great to see the example of a fast assess and report turnaround. Moving forward I will be measuring and reporting on that KPI in more detail. Thanks again MLAA to you and your team for a job well done! I will forward the feedback to the management team here.

Hi MLAA I have just reviewed 3 random claims from May 2019. Great work on all claims. I send these reviews to senior management and include a comment  the comment included for this review is:  "This review is outstanding" The 3 claims reviewed had an average of 3 days from the appointment to receiving report, and in two cases  APR issued. So the assessor has received the appointment, contacted the member, booked an inspection, inspected the vessel, discussed with all parties, provided report. Great assessing and 5 star customer service. That is 3 consecutive quarterly reviews that have received 100%. Congratulations and thank you for providing great service to XYZ.

Just a quick heads up the guys here love the layout and quality of the reports that we are receiving from you. The way you have written the report makes them easy to read and understand for those that are not familiar with boats. Keep up the great work.

Just a little feed back, the Broker for the above insured, has just phoned me to let me know that the insured, who is the one of the leaders of the XYZ licensees group is very happy with the assessor from Marine Leisure and he was greatly impressed with his professionalism and the way the claim is being handled. These Brokers look after all the insurance for the XYZ licensees and they are very happy that our mutual client is being treated well and that the excess is only for the motor only.

Email: info@marineleisure.com.au

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