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We embrace technology, field experts, and efficient administration to achieve a timely reporting process; and consider consistent client communication and code compliance to be paramount to successful outcomes for all parties.

With our technological partner, Marine & Leisure Group P/L, we have developed our industry specific Information and Data Management System (IDMS) and customized software now in Version 3. The primary goal of the software is to capture repetitive data for use in documentation across the entire lifespan of a claim cycle.  The data is initially entered on file appointment then used for the production of automated email correspondence, compliance triggers, report generation, and related documentation, including authorities. This procerss resultts in a cost effective and compliant claims management process.

On receipt of an appointment to our office, an Assessor is appointed; schedule detail is uploaded to our IDMS, which in turn generates a draft soft report for the Assessor’s reference and potential completion on site via tablet where appropriate. 

Though we recognize that every claim has varied detail, we have identified through experience that a significant number of claims require cost effective action, either due to simplicity or advice of Interim claim related quantum and potential exposure in the provision of Interim advices on a “Without Prejudice” basis for the Insurer’s consideration.

Our industry experience provides us established relationships with salvage contractors, repairers, and associated local trades; placing us in a position source solutions and accurately identify claim quantum and solutions.

Digital reviews have proven to represent economical solutions where appropriate at the discretion of the Insurer, and we expect significnat future growth in this sector.

Please feel free to contact our office for a copy of our full company profile and related detail.

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