Marine Consulting Services

In addition to Marine Claims Assessing, our team of Marine Surveyors and Mechanical Marine Technicians offer a host of additional services.

Having established a network of support resources, we are in a position to engage a significant variety of outsourced professionals including Salvage & Recovery, Loss Mitigation, Valuation Appraisals, and Commercial Vessel Compliance through accredited personnel.

Survey / Pre Purchase Inspections – Provides the peace of mind knowing that what you are buying is what you expect.  We provide inspect the vessel,  undertake sea trials to and provide a written report.  Valuable also for Insurance purposes.

General Consultancy Marine & Leisure Assess Australia provides consultancy services on a regular basis, from general advice to more specialised appointments.

Underwriters Risk Assessment – Marine & Leisure Assess Australia provides consultancy services to review risks associated with the Insured vessels, both through on-site and digital review.

Valuation InspectionMay be required for finance, insurance, or import purposes. Account will be taken of the general condition of the vessel and the inventory onboard.

Mechanical Inspection – Compression testing and general condition appraisal, pre-purchase, oil sampling, testing and reporting.

Insurance Risk Inspection – Required by most Underwriters for older vessels, the report outlines the risk proposed and provides recommendations pertinent to her safety.